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Videos Doug Theis on 09 Aug 2010

Team Ragged Glory’s Doug Theis – video on rappel at 2010 Planet Adventure Urban Sprint

Photos &Race Reports &Videos Doug Theis on 24 May 2010

Team Ragged Glory takes first place in two divisions of the 2010 Nashville Muddy Buddy!

Last weekend, six members of Team Ragged Glory packed up and headed to Nashville, Tennessee to give the Columbia Muddy Buddy race a try. The windshield time with TRG, the race itself, our hosts and their hospitality made for a super fun weekend.

Here’s a shaky pre-race interview with Julie Nor and Steve Kincade:

The Muddy Buddy is a “ride and tie” style race: two people, one bike, and four transition areas where the racers navigate an obstacle (high wall, balance beam, rope climb, and low crawl) and switch from mountain biking to running. At the end of the race, teammates must crawl together through a mud pit to cross the finish line together.

The race was fast, the course was hilly, the mud was spectacular, and the event was extremely well managed. Hats off to the Muddy Buddy operations people and all the volunteers.

Here’s a YouTube video of the mud pit:

Bob Mueller and Julie Nor took first in their division: coed 76-85 (the sum of their ages) in 53 minutes flat. They were the ninth overall finishers and the second coed team to cross the finish line. Click on the picture of Bob and Julie for more photos.

Steve Kincade and I (Doug Theis) took first in our division: male 96 and over with a 1:02:53 finish.

Our host Andy Gullahorn and his teammate Mark Deering (The Captain and Tennille) took 16th in their division: male 56-65 with a 1:04:56 finish.

Nancy Gawrys and Maddie Gawrys-Strand took eighth in their division: female 66-75 with a 1:13:50 finish.

Results are here.

Cool memories: Driving down in the rain, the ticket that Nancy got on the way to the park, seeing fellow Indy AR guy Greg Grossart before the race, the downhill mud slide in the second leg of the race, the Gullahorns’ amazing property, and fish tacos with awesome conversation in the afternoon.

I told our host Jill that Team Ragged Glory is “one big love.” Thanks to the Gullahorns and all the members of TRG for a fun weekend.

Videos Doug Theis on 30 Jun 2009

2009 Planet Adventure Videos – Team Ragged Glory

Here’s some videos from last year’s 24 hour challenge. TRG will not be racing this year’s long race. This is the first year that TRG will not field a team in the Planet Adventure 24 Hour Challenge history.