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Articles Doug Theis on 21 Nov 2010

Cheating in the Great Outdoors

After the Urban Sprint Race this year, I was fortunate enough to sit in on one of the 2011 planning sessions with the race directors of the Indianapolis-based adventure races. Many topics were discussed, including cheating during an adventure race.

During the Planet Adventure Urban Sprint Race this year, an all-male team was splitting up to take advantage of the opening urban trek section. The team would send a fast member to the control, and the slower members would “cut the corner” and head off to the next control in the mean time. The rules of the race stated that team members must stay within 50 feet of each other at all times. The accused team ended up taking home winning trophies, but were later DNF’ed based on the evidence.

Is what they did cheating? I admitted a similar offense at Holcomb Gardens in the same race. Nancy ran about 100 yards to the statue while Jeff and I stayed near the bikes. I think both the first team and TRG cheated, strictly speaking. It’s then up to the race director what penalty should be assessed.

I do believe, however, that 50 feet is too small a distance. 50 yards is a more reasonable expectation, and it allows for the natural occurences of separation, especially on the bike.


Articles Doug Theis on 09 Aug 2004

The Race in Your Head

Doug Theis
August 8, 2004

Adventure Racing (AR) has a physical component and a mental component. Both the physical and mental components require appropriate training and conditioning. This article addresses the mental side of Adventure Racing.
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Articles Doug Theis on 02 Jul 2003

Hydrate!: Water Intake/Outtake in the Field

Water is the major component of the human body, comprising approximately 73% of lean body mass and 60% of total body mass. Body water is transported within and between cells and in the blood plasma. During rest, 30-35% of the water is maintained inside the cells (intracellular fluid), 20-25% is maintained outside the cells of the body (interstitial fluid) and the remaining 5% is in the blood plasma.
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Articles Doug Theis on 15 Jun 2003

40-30-30: A Ratio For Racing Success

By Robert Nagle, 2002 Team Captain Eco Internet/GoLite

No, this is not yet another thesis on how to eat during an adventure race. Nor is it a discussion on the best diet for athletic training. Instead, it is a discussion of a different kind – what goes into making a successful adventure racing experience.
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Articles Doug Theis on 10 Jan 2002

Introduction to Adventure Racing

In the few years that I’ve been involved with Adventure Racing (AR), the people I’ve talked to about it respond in three general ways:

1. “Are you crazy?”
2. “That sounds really cool, but it’s not for me.”
3. “I’m gonna try that!”
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