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Training Doug Theis on 14 Nov 2011

Tecumseh Trail Marathon in less than three weeks

Nancy Gawrys, Bob Mueller and I (Doug Theis) are running the Dino Series Tecumseh Trail Marathon on December 3. Saturday with trained with friends Phil and Kim McNealy and Eric Henricks, running both 10 mile loops at Morgan Monroe State Forest. The weather was nearly perfect. If you’re considering doing the Tecumseh, it’s sold out. Sorry for the bad news. Many of our adventure racing friends are running, including Paula Pearson, Rachel Moir, and Mike Garrison.

Looking forward to running in the woods with my friends.

News Doug Theis on 09 Nov 2011

Great year of racing with Team Ragged Glory

My favorite diversion is adventure racing. A group of friends and I have been doing adventure races since 2001 as Team Ragged Glory. This year we did four races and finished well in each :

Planet Adventure Urban Sprint – 1st overall
Planet Adventure 30 Hour Challenge – 6th overall
Planet Adventure Urban Sprint Race – 2nd all male division
Indianapolis Adventure Race – 3rd overall

Our success this year was due to a combination of factors: experience, navigation skills and good team dynamics. It’s the people that are the key ingredient to the fun we have every year. I raced with some incredible teammates in 2011:

Eric Henricks – Exceptional navigator, calm thinker, great all-around athlete. Eric knows how to lead.
Dave Tanner – Endurance legend, incredible swimmer, cyclist and navigator. Dave is kind, gentle, and relaxed during every race.
Nancy Gawrys – Energetic, positive, focused, competitive and fun. Nancy is probably the best athlete on the team, and the easily the most fun.

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