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News &Photos Doug Theis on 22 May 2011

Three Team Ragged Glory teams finish the Muddy Buddy!

All three father/child teams finished yesterday in the 2011 Muddy Buddy Nashville. Thanks to the Gullahorns for being exceptional hosts to this nomadic endurance tribe. All the Dads agreed that racing with our kids was amazing.

News Doug Theis on 21 May 2011

Dawn of the Muddy Buddy

I’m awake, getting ready to awaken the other five teammates, and my lovely wife Teresa, to head to the Muddy Buddy Nashville. This is the second year we’ve done it, and Team Ragged Glory is bringing back 3 of the 6 that raced this year. Bob, Steve and I are racing with our kids; Bob with Alex, Steve with Sarah, and I am racing with my daughter Emily. Looks to be a hot one! Nervous and excited.

News &Race Reports Doug Theis on 15 May 2011

Team Ragged Glory’s Steve Kincade finishes 50 miles at Dances with Dirt!

Just got a text from Steve Kincade, one of Team Ragged Glory’s original members! Steve finished 50 miles at Dances with Dirt in Gnaw Bone yesterday in fourteen hours! Amazing! More details soon.

News Doug Theis on 15 May 2011

Eric Henricks to join Team Ragged Glory for Planet Adventure 30 Hour Challenge in June

Team Ragged Glory is changing the lineup for the 2011 Planet Adventure 30 Hour Challenge. Eric Henricks, Indy adventure racing veteran and TRG member, will be taking Bob Mueller’s place. Julie Nor, Nancy Gawrys and I (Doug Theis) are excited to have Eric on the team for his great attitude and amazing navigation skills!

News Doug Theis on 10 May 2011

Team Ragged Glory is going back to the Nashville Muddy Buddy

Three father/child teams are representing Team Ragged Glory this coming May 21 at the Muddy Buddy Nashville. Bob will race with Alex Mueller, Steve will race with Sarah Kincade, and I (Doug) will race with Emily Theis. This should be fun! Thanks to Andy and Jill again for putting us up!

Race Reports Doug Theis on 07 May 2011

500 Festival Mini Marathon – Team Ragged Glory in cognito

Nancy Gawrys and I (Doug Theis) ran the 500 Festival Mini Marathon today. We had a chance to use a couple of race bibs from folks who decided not to race. I was a 24 year old girl from Westfield named Stefani. Nancy was a 40 year old female named Ellen. Hope we made the two ladies proud!

Photos Doug Theis on 01 May 2011

2011 Planet Adventure Sprint Race Photos by Gail Henricks, Paula Pearson

Planet Adventure Race Photos, mostly by Gail Henricks with a few by Paula Pearson

Great job, ladies!

Or you can view and download from the Picasa site:

Great photos of Spring in Southern Indiana!