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Training Doug Theis on 28 Jan 2011

No @TeamRaggedGlory run at the Fort on January 29

We’re all going our separate ways tomorrow morning. See you Sunday at 7:30am.

News Doug Theis on 23 Jan 2011

Sunday January 23 Training Run at 7:30am.

Sunday January 23 run moved to 7:30am, Delaware Lake, Fort Harrison.

Training Doug Theis on 21 Jan 2011

No TRG run in Saturday January 22

We’re staying in on Jan 22 and running again on Sunday Jan 23 at the Fort. See you at 8am.

Training Doug Theis on 14 Jan 2011

TRG running January 15, 2011 10am, Fort Harrison in Indy

We’ll meet at the Delaware Lake parking lot.

Training Doug Theis on 07 Jan 2011

Team Ragged Glory NOT running at 6:30am today, Fort Harrison

Minus 9 windchill.

Photos Doug Theis on 05 Jan 2011

2001 Planet Adventure 30 Hour Challenge Photos

This wass the first race ever for Team Ragged Glory.

We had no idea what we were in for. We lasted about 18 hours, joining up with Dick Whicker and hiking Nebo Ridge at a 12.5 minute pace. Try walking that fast.

But we were hooked on adventure racing. And we’ve been coming back ever since.