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Videos Doug Theis on 09 Aug 2010

Team Ragged Glory’s Doug Theis – video on rappel at 2010 Planet Adventure Urban Sprint

Photos Doug Theis on 07 Aug 2010

2010 Planet Adventure Sprint Photos

We had an awesome day! Team Ragged Glory raced fast on a beautiful day and an excellent course layout. Kudos to Jay Newlin and Monty Wilson again for killer course design and execution!

Sadly, although we finished in the top fivetimes , we completely skipped a checkpoint, moving us down in the final standings. But we’re proud of the way we kept moving and executing! Nice job Nancy and Jeff!

News Doug Theis on 06 Aug 2010

@PlanetAdv Urban Sprint – Come downtown to see the race!

@PlanetAdv Urban Sprint starts at 8:15 tomorrow morning near the Athanaeum in downtown Indy. If you’re wondering what an Adventure Race is like, come on down around 7 am and watch the fun!