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News &Race Reports Doug Theis on 21 Jun 2010

TRG helps with Planet Adventure 24 and 36 hour expedition race!

18 teams and 62 racers hit the trail on Friday night for the 10th Planet Adventure 24 and 36 hour expedition races in Paoli, Indiana. Nancy Gawrys and I (Doug Theis) volunteered this year because we couldn’t stand the idea of missing this race.

At 9pm, the maps were distributed to the teams. Racers would start with a run, then a paddle, then a bike ride to Abe Martin State Forest with a six-point orienteering section on foot. After the first o-section, they would do a long bike with both roads and trails to the second o-course on foot at Natchez. The second o-course included a rappel. After the Natchez o-couse, the final bike leg would take them back to the start/finish line at Paoli Peaks ski resort.

The heat on Friday was oppressive. Nancy and I set a couple of controls late in the day and helped prepare for the 1am race start.

More to come.

News Doug Theis on 10 Jun 2010

@TeamRaggedGlory to volunteer at @PlanetAdv 24 and 36 hour challenge

Two members of Team Ragged Glory, Nancy Gawrys and I, will be heading to Paoli, Indiana to help out with the simultaneous Planet Adventure 24 hour challenge and 36 hour old school race. This is the first year in the ten year history of the Planet Adventure race that TRG has not fielded a team. Steve Kincade will end his streak at nine consecutive Planet Adventure races. But we’re happy to be going down to help. Volunteering is super fun; is like being on everyone’s team.

See you there, racers!

News Doug Theis on 01 Jun 2010

What’s next for @TeamRaggedGlory?

Team Ragged Glory plans to race with at least two teams in the Planet Adventure Urban Sprint on August 7.

In the mean time, Nancy is visiting Chattanooga in July to run one leg of a relay triathlon team. She runs in memory of her late brother, Joe Gawrys, who taught at Baylor in Chattanooga. Cheer her on!