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News Doug Theis on 26 Sep 2008

One more time… Planet Adventure Sprint Redux Oct 25

Bob, Nancy and I will give Cloverdale another whirl October 25 in the Planet Adventure Sprint Race do-over. We’re considering fielding another team for this race as well.

Steve and Julie are plannning to do the Owen Putnam 50/50 shortly thereafter, and Nancy is on for the Outback Scramble.

See you in the woods!

Race Reports Doug Theis on 26 Sep 2008

Indy AR was great fun

Thanks to Michael, Debbie and the Indy Rootstock clan for another fine chapter in a great race. That sneaky Sapper held an orienteering prologue the night before and made it sound like we’d be paddling from New Horizon at 4:30 the next morning, starting one boat per minute in the order of prologue finishing results. His wording, however, made us think that he was going to transport us. Sure enough, the buses were waiting and we were taken to 238 and Fall Creek for a in-and-out of the boat paddle on Fall Creek before it enters Geist. There was plenty of land nav and country biking. Bob, Nancy and I(Doug) finished 11th overall out of 54 teams. We were also awarded some poison ivy and nettle scrapes. Is our reputation as middle-of-the-pack team in jeopardy? Unlikely.

Photos Doug Theis on 19 Sep 2008

2008 Indianapolis Adventure Race Photos


This one was on Nancy’s home turf.

We had a cool pre-dawn paddle on Fall Creek, paddling into Geist Reservoir.

I loved the bike section and the Fortville Park o-course

Bob is a great navigator.

Race Reports Doug Theis on 07 Sep 2008

2008 Planet Adventure Urban Sprint – Big Fun in Indy

TRG’s three teams had a great time running the 2008 Planet Adventure Urban Sprint. I’m afraid the race directors ruined our new adventure racers – Maddie Gawrys-Strand, Jeff Boxell and Joe Madren – with one of the funnest races I’ve done in years. Now our new racers expectations may be set too high!

There were so many special tests that I lost count:
Running the entire Pogue’s Run tunnel
Stair running
Kicking a soccer goal
Jumping of the 5M board at the natatorium
Down and up the cargo net along with a swim in the White River
Disc golf putting
Free throw shooting
Ladder golf
Bowling ball roll
A three story rappel
Underwater math problem solving

The summer race directs Jay and Monty really outdid themselves. Nice job guys and a big thank you to you and all the volunteers. Indy Rootstock took the first three positions; congrats to them as well.