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News Doug Theis on 26 Feb 2008

Great Nike Hike (in the Day)

Steve Kincade, Julie Shimer, Scott Gondek and I spend 7 hours hiking 20 miles in Morgan Monroe on Saturday February 23. The weather was pleasant, the snow was crusty, and the company was top notch. The snow’s crust made for the loudest hike I have ever done! We practically had to shout to hear each other. Rock Shelter was beautiful with six foot long icicles. Naturally we had to break a few. It was great to be out in the woods with Julie again after a couple of years without her. She’ll be racing Planet Adventure with Nancy, Steve and me. I think this version of TRG will be called Team Ragged Glory estrogen. See you on the trail.

News Doug Theis on 21 Feb 2008

Night Hike Updates

Our timing has changed a little. TRG will be leaving from my house on the south side at around 5am, dropping cars at Yellowwood, then heading to Morgan Monroe. That should put the start around 7am. Call 317.502.7622 if you’re interested in hiking with us. We look forward to seeing you.