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Photos Doug Theis on 30 Sep 2007

2007 Indianapolis Adventure Race Photos

2007 was the first year the IAR was held at Horizon Camp. The Fall Creek paddle was awesome, and the false controls on the o-course pond was a great idea.

I enjoyed the o-section at Ransburg. Steve did a great job navigating.

Nancy was strong. As always.

Race Reports Doug Theis on 12 Sep 2007

2007 Indianapolis AR recap

The 2007 Indy AR gave racers a top-notch course with fun new venues:

Horizon Christian Fellowship Campus
Fall Creek
Camp Belzer
Skiles Test Park
Fort Harrison’s Lawrence Creek Trail

TRG started slow and tapered off to finish in 8 hours and 10 minutes. I’ll post a race report this weekend.

Thanks Michael, Debbie, Indy Rootstock and all volunteers for another episode of a favorite race series.