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Race Reports Doug Theis on 09 Apr 2006

TRG Finishes Planet Adventure 2006

Team Ragged Glory 171 (Steve, Bob, Nancy and John) finished Planet Adventure this morning at 7am, 25 hours after the race began. Congratulations to this new iteration of TRG!

The course was a test of bike hill-riding endurance and cold weather trekking. Thanks again to Greg Arnold, Jerry Lyons, Dave Kauffman, Barb Geiler and all the volunteers for a racer’s race.

Team Odyssey, Infiterra and Dynamic Earth raced like the wind to take the top three positions. Each of the top three teams showed class and graciousness on the course.

Terra Trekkers and Matt Van Hoosier were awarded for helping other teams on the course. Our old buddy Kim McNealy won the best trash award for hauling the bottom half of a porcelain toilet 2 miles to CP5!

TRG was the last team to complete the alternate course, modified to remove the second paddle leg because of danger associated with paddling in the unusually high water levels after dark.

All four members said they will remember spinning the endless hills of the Corydon area, the fast paddle on the Blue River during the first canoe leg, an out-and-back hike to CP15 and meeting the sleep monster in the cold early hours of Sunday morning.

Thanks to John for accepting our invitation to race. Thanks to Bob, Steve and Nancy for being the reasons that TRG continues to race Planet Adventure.

News Doug Theis on 07 Apr 2006

Veteran John McInnes joins TRG for PA06

TRG welcomes John McInnes, one of the few racers who has done every Planet Adventure. John joins Steve, Bob, and Nancy for this years race. I (Doug) will be crewing for the new iteraion of the team. John’s lack of internal dialogue (and excess of external dialogue) should make him a perfect fit.