Twelve humans participated in the 20 degree, fourth annual, 2006 TRG Night Hike. Role call included:

TRG Doug Theis
TRG Steve Kincade
TRG Bob Mueller
TRG Nancy Gawrys
TRG Beth Thomas
TRG Friend Scott Gondeck
Temporary Avenue Ron Cornwell
Temporary Avenue Sarah Gibson
Temporary Avenue Jeff Bockelman
Veteran Dick Whicker
Veteran Tony Coulson
Veteran Zach Mitchell

It was cold, clear and fun. Hallucinations were plentiful and frozen water bladders the norm. The Veterans decided on a fast pace while TRG, friend and TA hiked it out. TRG finished the day at BeanBlossom Inn with some Blackberry Cobbler and pork products. Thanks to everyone for showing up. I’ve fallen in lust with trekking poles. They help old (and young) people continue.