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News Doug Theis on 30 Mar 2005

Planet Adventure 2005 Cometh

Steve, Nancy and I will be racing together for PA05. Julie and Bill are getting married, and Julie will be racing with Sasquatch for our home race, Planet Adventure. Dave was going to race with us, but the Bandidos needed him, so he’ll be back with them. Bob is sitting the year out. Leslie is having a baby in July or August.

A huge thanks go to Jerry Lyons, Dave Kauffman, Barb Geiler and everyone who made PA05 happen in spite of the circumstances. Team Ragged Glory appreciates you people for your selflessness and your time.

Training Doug Theis on 15 Mar 2005

Night Hike was Fantastic!

A total of fifteen people showed up for our annual night hike on midnight, Feb 26. The weather was cool and dry and the 28 miles (thought it was 26) were a great tester. Congratulations to the new folks who made it out and tgot some exercise with us.