TRG welcomes it’s newest member, Nancy Gawrys. Nancy has raced in a number of local events; many locals know her from her road racing and triathlon days. She’s tough and fun to be around. We’re glad to have her on the team.

We will hold our annual night hike starting about midnight Saturday, Feb 26 to about noon Sunday, Feb 27. The hike will be about 26 miles from the Morgan Monroe State Forest office to Yellowwood Lake. You are invited. If you’re interested, contact me at We will drop vehicles late Saturday evening at Yellowwood. Naturally, you are responsible for your own gear, foot, safety. Contact me if you’d like to come out and play with us.

TRG’s 2005 racing plans remain a bit unclear. Good news, however; Julie and Bill are engaged to be married and Leslie and Scott are expecting a baby. We will firm up the schedule soon and we look forward to seeing our friends and other racers on the course.