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Race Reports Doug Theis on 28 Nov 2004

2004 USARA Nationals Race Recap by Julie Nor

November 5, 2004 marked a milestone for Team Ragged Glory. Somewhere in the mix of our passionate pursuit to have fun and give it our best shot, we qualified for the USARA National Championships! So we traveled to French Lick, Indiana with no expectations other than racing against the course and giving it every bit of energy we could muster. We had no idea of what the outcome was going to be.
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Race Reports Doug Theis on 09 Nov 2004

TRG Finishes USARA Nationals

Bob, Julie and Dave raced the invitation-only USARA National Championship in French Lick on November 6 and 7. TRG used the last four hours of their 24-hour time to pass 13 teams and finish 17th overall. Monster finish! Congratulations! We’ll have a race report up soon.

Thanks to every volunteer, GlobalX, the USARA and all sponsors for a fantastic race.