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News Doug Theis on 28 Apr 2004

TRG Finishes Planet Adventure 2004

Julie, Bob and Steve finished the awesome course at the fourth Annual Planet Adventure. The weather was beautiful and the course may have been the best yet. I (Doug) quit the race after 9 hours with chest pain, but subsequent tests show all to be okay. Thanks everyone for your e-mails, your kindness and concern. Julie is writing the race report and I’ll post it as soon as it’s finished. Congrats to all the teams who participated, and a special thanks to Kirk Brunso, our new crew guy, who supported us well.

Race Reports Doug Theis on 28 Apr 2004

PA04 Race Recap by Julie Nor

Excitement came on early as I made my trek from south eastern Wisconsin to Indianapolis. You can easily spot adventure racers and the road was full of them—tow systems on the bikes, SUV’s piled high with gear boxes, paddles, PFDs and gallons of water. The drive is becoming more and more familiar as I put more races with TRG under my belt. I had so much anticipation for the adventures that most certainly awaited us and a lot of time to think about it as I drove with the music of choice: Team Ragged Glory’s pump up mix. I have decided that it is the widest variety that I have ever listened to in one sit, but it just shows the character of the team—we have fun and nothing is ever dull! TRG is family and every time we get together it is a happy reunion—this time was no different. We loaded Doug’s Explorer, watched the tires and car sink down as we put more and more gear in and we were off to Cloverdale.
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