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News Doug Theis on 28 Aug 2003

Indianapolis Adventure Race Update

TRG continues to train for the eight+ hour Indianapolis Adventure Race in September. Doug, Steve, Julie, Bob, will race along with two new team members, Becca Roberts and Yngvar Brynildssen as two teams in the event.

Race Reports Doug Theis on 28 Aug 2003

Circle City Sprint Adventure Race Recap

GlobalX Racing held the inaugural Circle City Sprint Adventure Race on August 16, 2003. Racers awoke to sunshine, heat and humidity. The temperature would climb into the 90s with 90+% humidity. The word was we would be racing four to six hours and would be covering about 30 miles. We arrived at the University Park Transition Area in downtown Indy, set up our gear and headed to the stunningly beautiful World War Memorial auditorium for the pre-race meeting.
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News Doug Theis on 20 Aug 2003

Circle City Sprint Adventure Race

GlobalX Racing did a great job on the first Circle City Sprint Adventure Race. Jerry, Joe and Greg picked up the race after Wild Onion organizers dropped the Indy Wild Scallion from their schedule. The race was hot, fast and fun. We congratulate the winners, Peoples Burn Foundation, who finished right at fiour hours. Urban Warrriors won the 4 person coed, and True North won the three person coed.

Team Ragged Glory raced in the four person coed division and finished at 4:29, fifth in our division and seventh of 32 teams overall. Bob and Julie have changed the level at which we race, increasing not only the speed of TRG but the fun as well. We’ll have a race recap up in a few days.

Photos Doug Theis on 19 Aug 2003

2003 Circle City Sprint Adventure Race Photos

This was one hot race.

Pogue’s Run Tunnel was part of the race, as was the old Hilton U Brown Theater on the Butler University campus. The temperature was in the 90s and we all felt the heat.

Check out the tunnel entrance.