Monthly ArchiveMarch 2003

Training Doug Theis on 28 Mar 2003

Training Update

TRG has been preparing for the Planet Adeventure, the 30 hour race in May. We did the ICO 6 hour ROGAINE (Orienteering Meet) on April 5 and won first in the coed division. Great job team! It was great to see our many AR friends from around Indiana at the event. We hope to see you down at the Hoosier National Forest and at the mini as we all prepare for the race.

Training Doug Theis on 08 Mar 2003

Night Hike on the Tecumseh

TRG along with Mike Boyer, one of Steve and Bob’s mountaineering friends, hiked 26 miles on the Tecumseh Trail from midnight to 11am on March 6. The moon was bright, the conversation was funny and the hip flexors were sore. As always, the dawn brought us back to life, and we had a fine meal afterwards at Forkey’s in Martinsville.