Team Ragged Glory continues to prepare for the third annual Indy Sprint Adventure Race on September 14, 2002 at Eagle Creek. TRG will participate in the long course, as will a new team composed of our friends, Team MMM!. Our long-time crew guy, Bob Mueller, will race with Dennette Miller, a friend Leslie and Doug met running the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon this year, and Jeff Minks, one of Doug’s coworkers and a former Purdue 800 meter track guy. Team MMM! has great native athletic ability and should be a very competitive team in their first adventure race.

On Saturday, August 24, TRG and Team MMM! ran a 7-plus hour simulation and had a great time. We also met some new friends, Jeff and John, who travelled with us in hopes of learning something for when they race in Planet Adventure 2003.

We will be posting more pictures from the Wild Onion soon. Stay tuned.