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News Doug Theis on 28 Jan 2002

New Missions! Planet Adventure 2002 and Wild Onion Comes to Indy in 2002!

Team Ragged Glory has committed to two races in 2002. We will participate in the Planet Adventure 30 Hour Challenge ( in April. We are also entered in the Wild Onion Indy ( in June. We are expanding our team to have more training partners, contingency and race options. Send us an e-mail if you’re interested in playing.

Articles Doug Theis on 10 Jan 2002

Introduction to Adventure Racing

In the few years that I’ve been involved with Adventure Racing (AR), the people I’ve talked to about it respond in three general ways:

1. “Are you crazy?”
2. “That sounds really cool, but it’s not for me.”
3. “I’m gonna try that!”
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